Prateek Rungta

A new payment solution with a single-minded focus on their customers — the developers. Stripe looks like a refreshing glass of cold water in the desert land that is internet payment gateways. Everything about them defies the current market of payment solutions that developers have to put up with in-order to accept payments on the web: a clear and unambiguous offering, crisp communication, good documentation and all with a straightforward (and perhaps, quite friendly) pricing.

The best thing about Stripe, however, is their approach to the payments problem. Unlike most gateways, what Stripe offers is an API and not an interface which redirects back – and – forth. This gives app developers complete freedom to design and optimise the experience of accepting payments from their end-users.

Our only gripe? They’re U.S. only (for now). India can really do with some good payment solutions. We can’t wait to integrate Stripe (what with, hmm) as soon as they start paying out to Indian accounts.