Preview: Embracing Progressive Enhancement

Prateek Rungta

We had a great time attending and speaking at Meta Refresh last year. Souvik has been given another opportunity and will be presenting once again at HasGeek’s annual web design conference. This year he is conducting a workshop that will revisit the spirit of the web to demonstrate what makes the web special, and show how to embrace the principle of progressive enhancement to build robust websites.

Here’s a short introduction:

If you design or build for the web, you should definitely try and attend. Come to the workshop and learn why and how to adopt this foundational philosophy of developing for the web, or participate in some of the other great workshops and talks on the roster. The most compelling reason to attend though is the chance to meet fellow peers in person — a rare privilege for us digital workers.

Meta Refresh 2014 takes place from the 11th to 15th of February. Souvik’s workshop is on the 13th (Thursday) at The Energy And Research Institute (TERI) in Bangalore, and tickets are still on sale.