Summer Camp

Prateek Rungta

We’re delighted to have two new people working with us over the summer.

The first, Ayush Kumar Tiwari joins us as the web developer intern. Ayush has been dabbling with Python and Django while at college. More importantly, he plays the guitar and has brought it along to the office. Ayush had managed to stay sober at an engineering college for a full two years before finally succumbing to beer during his very first week at Miranj. This has led to some strange and funny side-effects, like showing up at work after guzzling 2 litres of milk in one go. We hope the effects are not permanent.

Our second intern is the soft-spoken but sharp-eyed Kamal Nayan Sharma. He joins us as a web designer. Kamal has been blogging at TechToll for a few years and is also a budding photographer. He possesses a mean (in a good way) sense of humour that will catch you unaware and render you incapable of a response both because of the fits of laughter you roll in as well as the brilliance of the attack.

It’s been great having new people in the team. More hands on deck, more people to help me pull Souvik’s (heavy) leg. Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to.