World IA Day 2019, New Delhi

Souvik Das Gupta

On the 23rd of February, we celebrated World Information Architecture Day (WIAD) 2019 — a one-day annual celebration that seeks to evangelise the practice of Information Architecture around the globe. This year’s global theme was Design for Difference” — an important consideration in every aspect of our work (and beyond).

This year we had a series of talks by different speakers sharing various perspectives on IA and diversity. Here’s a short overview of the 4 talks (with links to their slides).

Intro to Information Architecture

First up was Namita Mohandas who works as an independent Information Designer. She started off by explaining the difference between complex, complicated and confounding decisions and went onto introducing everyone to the world of Information Architecture. (See Namita’s slides)

Walk in the Park

Nishita Gill, the founder of Treemouse, delivered the second talk of the afternoon. Nishita shared how her team conducted research in rural Punjab to understand the reason behind the low adoption of Hepatitis C drugs. (See Nishita’s slides)

Encouraging Civic Engagement Through Design

The third speaker Adrija Jayanthy works with Nyaaya. Her talk brought out the diversity in Indians laws and how Nyaaya is trying to make them more accessible to the common person. (See Adrija’s slides)

The City Around You

The final speaker Rajesh Advani is the founder of ArchitectureLive!. Through various anecdotes and videos, Rajesh explained how architecture (and city-planning) can be made more inclusive. (See Rajesh’s slides)

This was the second year of Miranj supporting World IA Day in New Delhi. A special shout out to Abhishek and Namita for volunteering and to Prateek for all the photos. (See full photo album)

We look forward to more conversations on Information Architecture in the coming years.