We design websites.

We don’t pride ourselves as a JavaScript, Python or PHP (or what have you) team. We treat technology as a very useful tool, but it is not something that defines us. We are not a technology shop, although we greatly value the efficiency of a good tool. But if all we have is a hammer, everything would look like a nail. We’re designers, and design should be technology agnostic. That’s where we proudly stand.

Our focus instead is on the users. Every other stakeholder is secondary. If our design cannot simplify the lives of the users (while respecting their time and money), it’s unlikely that any other objective can be met. And this means simplifying our solutions until they are inclusive, accessible and usable for everyone.

Design is a decision towards solving problems. Understanding the problem space with utmost clarity — through thorough discussion, deliberation and research — forms the basis of our work. We don’t create designs with an intent to make it unique or different. Instead, we strive for an unbiased solution, better than any we’ve seen. Much of our decisions are well reasoned, typically born out of years of following user behaviour, keenly observing ongoing trends and timeless principles of good design. It’s rarely a shot in the dark. The result often happens to end up being different, and we love to explain our decisions and educate our clients as we go along.

A pretty but slow site is as unprofitable as one that’s snappy but unusable. As they say, design is not how something looks, or feels. That’s why we don’t stop at mock ups, or prototypes. Instead we execute our ideas all the way through — right from the user-flows and interfaces to code that is tested on browsers.

The web has been around for over 25 years now — arguably the greatest invention of our times. It’s impact and reach is unparalleled. There’s no other medium that allows people around the planet using different devices to exchange knowledge, ideas and information. It shouldn’t be treated an opportunity for short term exploit, but instead as an asset that’ll keep the knowledge safe and accessible forever for mankind.

The web is a medium for communication that is very likely to outlive our lives. Which is why we seek to make our work inclusive, accessible, ceaseless, clear, future-friendly — sharing the same qualities that the creators of the web envisioned. We’re inspired by talks like The Shape of Design, The Map is not the Territory, Time and Inventing on Principle.

Success for us is upholding the above values in every work we do. At the end of the day, the web is nothing without the information it hosts and the people connected to it.

We’re Miranj, and we’re trying to improve how information is communicated on the web, and preserved for years to come.

Inspired by and in solidarity with slash​pur​pose​.org.