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Base Station


After working out of a basement, a co-working space, a friend’s office and lots of cafes during our initial years, we finally decided to get a place of our own late last year. It took us a while to get it into shape, and in April 2015, we threw it open for co-working with an initial capacity of six seats. That perfect workplace had eluded us all these years, and we figured there must be others that seek ambient music, great coffee, spacious seating and flexible timings. Also, it’s just better working with other interesting people around.

The Base Station website serves as a marketing and informational channel for the co-working space. Information on facilities, pricing and location is punctuated by photos of the space, the co-workers and a video guiding people to the office. Not only was the website designed and implemented in record time, but also designed and implemented to perform in record time. Being low on content, we skewed a traditional CMS for smaller component PHP files; routing is handled by a dependency-free PHP script Route by Jesse Boyer. The text is typeset in Gibson by Canada Type.