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Reimagining a VC website as a rich content hub

Blume Ventures

Blume is India’s most founder-friendly seed venture fund. Since 2010, Blume has provided capital and support to hundreds of startup founders. Blume operates out of Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Blume approached Miranj with the primary goal of turning their website into a content hub with a powerful CMS backend. Being a research-backed funder, Blume researches a wide array of thesis areas before making their investment decisions. Blumiers write and publish extensively, and unfortunately, a lot of their content was not making its way into their website. Further, as they turned 10, a lot of their early investments were maturing into new unicorns. Perfect time to ramp up their web presence.

Just as our usual practice, we kicked off the Blume project with a discovery and strategy workshop. We looked into every content type that Blume currently publishes and intended to publish in the future. Three weeks and several intense sessions later, we were ready with the master architecture of the next Blume website. By the time we moved into the content sample gathering, content blueprint and wireframes, Blume initiated a rebranding exercise with a brand consultant. Once the branding exercise concluded, we commenced the web design explorations and settled on a direction that balanced the new brand look and the new content-heavy architecture. The design language kept maturing over a couple of months of weekly design and development sprints. The project concluded with an interation on the homepage narrative which touched upon various facets of Blume, while placing a spotlight on some of the noteworthy startups they’ve backed.

Take a look around the Startups, Funds, Insights, Podcasts, Newsroom, and People sections. Another project where we got to push the Craft CMS content modelling tools to the fullest.