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Forech 2.0


Forech is a manufacturer of conveyor belts and provides customised solutions for moving heavy materials. They approached Miranj for some incremental improvements to their 7‑year old brochure website. However, our conversations soon revealed that they can greatly benefit by re-imagining their online strategy. We got on board to do exactly that.

Manufacturing businesses are extremely reliant on sales through direct channels. That’s how the industry works — or is at least expected to work. As a result, their websites are created within minimal expectations – typically a brochure site without the breadth of information that can lead potential clients to them through search. We decided to challenge this status quo. We did extensive conversations with different team members at Forech to learn more about their business, the characteristics of their domain and the different players involved.

Based on our understanding of their business domain we came up with a robust content strategy and storytelling that would go beyond drawing attention towards their products. We showcased their product use cases in different industries and to transport different materials. And importantly, we highlighted their global footprint through the vast network of distributors and clients which can be extremely confidence inducing for potential clients and partners.

Further, the website implemented three unique features—

  1. Customisable Business Enquiries: This feature allows Forech to create unique enquiry forms for each of their offerings. Not only can the fields be customised for each type of product but they can also configure the system to direct the enquiries to the relevant sales teams based on criteria such as the product, geography, etc.
  2. Sheets to Tables: We developed and released a Craft 3 plugin which allows the client to upload a spreadsheet (XLS) containing technical specifications for their products and they get converted into HTML tables for native web rendering.
  3. Auto-Translation Support: We developed a unique module that uses Google Translation APIs to automatically populate translations (into French, Spanish and German) within their CMS, drastically cutting down translation efforts. These translations are not perfect to begin with but the CMS provides the clients an opportunity to fix errors. The translated pages are also search indexed for greater discoverability.

Within a month of launching the website, they noticed a whopping 60x growth in incoming leads. We all were stoked!