Guiding Tech Updates

Guiding Tech

Serving nearly 4 million unique users a month and publishing several new articles each day Guiding Tech is a large high-risk website.

Over the past few months Guiding Tech received several significant updates across-the-board — front-end, backend and external integrations. This includes a major underlying technical upgrade (from Craft 2 to Craft 3), migration from Neo fields to native Matrix fields, AX enhancements, smart-conversion of articles into Amazon Storefront compatible syndication feeds, and more.

One of the coolest aspect of this phase was to setup a website diff tool (powered by SiteDiff) that enabled both the development team and the publisher to compare thousands of pages on the old site and the final Craft 3 version. It helped weed out unintended data loss/​manipulation during the data migration and ensured 100% data parity.

And the best part? Zero down-time!