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Empowering a digital design consultancy to publish meaningful project stories through modular design components


Obvious is a Bangalore-based digital product and strategy consulting firm, often working with unicorn” startups and recently also on their own digital products. They got us on board to turn their ideas and designs for a new web presence into a working website.

When we joined the project, Obvious had already fleshed out some ideas and design mockups internally. Our first job was to study the design direction and offer our advice keeping in mind the latest web standards and technical feasibility. We guided them on prioritising design re-use, modularity and ensuring that their ideas would adapt well with a CMS backend. We also continued advising them on performance and SEO factors that are critical for any modern website.

Once the designs stabilised we started building the website in Craft CMS. It empowered Obvious’ communications team to create long narrative pages using simple page-builder tools in the CMS control panel. The project was initially envisioned as a repository of their services, detailed case studies, team, news and blog. But soon after the first launch, the scope was extended to include events, and generic landing-page builders which enabled the team to compose diverse pages like Careers and Newsletter on the fly right in the CMS. We also implemented some nifty features to help Obvious showcase the richness of their user interface and user experience designs — one enables them to upload different images for mobile and desktop users, another allows them to use Lottie animations that auto-play and communicate the dynamism and interactivity in user interfaces that are often lost when looking at static mockups.

The cherries on the cake though, in our opinion, are the richly detailed illustrations by Danny Jose found all across the pages, filling the site with depth and character.