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The Antara Foundation

The Antara Foundation is a non-profit working on delivering public health solutions at scale.

This project started with a planning week — split between a discovery and strategy workshop with the clients and a couple of days of internal brainstorming to identify the most pressing issues with their existing WordPress-powered website. Based on our understanding and analysis we concluded that the most significant issue for the clients was the lack of tools to tell an engaging story.

Therefore this project was approached as building a storytelling tool where every page (including even the homepage) was built using modular components that would aid in building a story. These stories can be created and edited easily by the clients through Craft CMSs intuitive authoring panel using the Neo plugin. This new strategy laid a robust foundation for The Antara Foundation to publish numerous stories about various aspects of their work.

We collaborated with Hamsa Ganesh on the visual design of this website.