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Helping a legal search and consulting firm consolidate its fragmented online footprint


Vahura is India’s leading legal search and consulting firm based out of Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Our friends at Cracker & Rush have been close brand strategy consultants for Vahura. To mark their 10th anniversary, Vahura wanted to completely rethink their website architecture, and Miranj got pulled into the exercise.

We started engaging in this project with an in-depth discovery and strategy workshop for Vahura and its two sister organisations. Our goal was to draw out an architectural direction for all three entities and bring multiple independent websites (or web projects) under fewer umbrellas. Over multiple weeks of brainstorming over Zoom and Miro and discussions with several team members across the organisation, we were able to accomplish a high-level clarity on how the websites should be strategised and structured. By the end of the exercise, we turned our focus towards Vahura’s primary corporate website which was to be accomplished within a target timeline — and drafted a final website scope.

The website execution started a few months later with Cracker & Rush leading the visual design. We offered our support and guidance through the design process to ensure that the designs are modular and web-native. We further went on the build the website on Craft CMS.

The new website offered a clean way to represent different service offerings by Vahura, and the enabled the clients to create landing pages at will. We also rolled out some new features like the ability to capture leads while offering digital research reports for download.