Miranj Turns One

I still remember the days at my last job where I clocked hours” while doing mundane tasks. Every passing moment seemed forever — full of boredom, monotony and a test of patience. It is hard for me to remember every moment that I’ve lived, but the ones I do recall tend to have a strong emotional connection. These are the moments that add up to make minutes, hours, days and months of my memories.

We started Miranj with a hope to achieve our sweet spot. With unexpected hurdles at each step, even simple things — be it choosing a name, finding a good accountant, interpreting legal speak, searching for office space, signing our first client or opening a bank account — weren’t easy. Along the way we have often swatted flies at the office, endured words of concern from our parents and panicked for the lack of funds. And then there were days when we were simply overjoyed. There were moments of sadness, courage, anguish, desperation, joy, pride, satisfaction and learning.

These moments, today, add up to a full year. Never before has time passed so fast.

We just turned one!