Page Loading Performance Strategies

Prateek Rungta
ReactFoo Delhi
Location & Date
·New Delhi, India

Performance on the web isn’t a simple switch that can be flipped on, but a vast, multi-layered subject. Page loading speed is one of the layers that has received a fair bit of attention recently thanks to tools like PageSpeed Insights and WebPageTest. While these profilers serve as great checklists to measure our sites against, their recommendations can often be difficult to incorporate or grasp fully.

In this talk, presented originally at the Delhi 2018 edition of ReactFoo, I examine and demystify modern front-end page loading best practises. For each performance strategy, we break down the why and how. We go through the principles on which these loading strategies are based, and look at ways to implement the strategies with real-life examples.

The ideas and experiences presented in this talk are based on my experience building and maintaining CMS-based websites for clients both large and small. However, these learnings and performance gains should be applicable to all websites, independent of the technology stack.