Our plugins are Craft CMS 4 ready

Prateek Rungta

We make no secret of our love for Craft CMS here at Miranj. While we rarely prize a tool or tech over the problem it helps us solve, we greatly value the efficiency of a good tool, and Craft CMS continues to shine on that front. One such aspect is the ease with which one can tap into and extend the core functionality of the CMS. There’s a thriving community of plugins that enhance, boost, and add to the already elaborate set of core features offered by Craft. While we depend on a fair few of them for most of our projects, we have also released some plugins of our own:

And as of this week, all five of our plugins have been updated to work with the latest release of Craft 4. Some of these plugins (Router, Obfuscator and Cryptographer) date back all the way to 2015 and Craft 2, and we are glad to continue supporting them and making them available for the community to use on their projects as well.