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Brand refresh for Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) is a large conglomeration of previously independent educational institutes under the Ramaiah group. Coming together under a unified banner and purpose of the university, the website had to represent and do justice to multiple individual faculties, training centres, a dental hospital, as well as a consulting arm. All while maintaining cohesion with the larger university umbrella.

With over 70 different content-types and 18 different micro-sites, this was one of the largest projects tackled by Miranj. We leveraged the powerful multi-site support of Craft CMS to power the entire family of sites from a single CMS, while still extending deep publishing tools to the managers of each individual department within the university.

This project was also our first collaboration with the team at Cracker & Rush, who designed the site as well as the new branding for the university.